TradeTech Solutions is happy to collaborate with Trade Associations, Chambers of Commerce and other organisations in hosting and promoting Virtual Events. These will create significant revenue-generating opportunities - as well as providing additional value-added services.

We have conducted a number of studies that show that there is massive potential for:

  • Virtual Bi-lateral Trade Missions - virtual events take out the often heavy financial risk of physical events.
  • Virtual Trade Shows - both on a domestic and international basis. Given the flexibility and lower costs of virtual events, there are a host of opportunities to launch new trade shows - to the benefit of all concerned.

In both cases, physical events can then take place, as and when the virtual event provides proof of sufficient support.

How do Virtual Exhibitions help Trade Associations, Chambers of Commerce and their Members?

  • One of the main roles of Trade Associations and Chambers of Commerce is to help their members increase sales and improve their supply chains. - That is the prime rationale behind the Virtual Exhibitions.
  • A Permanent Exhibition acts as an "online magnet" attracting potential partners looking for new opportunities.
  • This Permanent Exhibition can be easily adapted for temporary, specific events.
  • New revenue streams can be generated.
  • The Members benefit from being included in the overall initiative and have a low-cost online resource that they can use independently.

BTW We do not compete with Trade Associations or Chambers of Commerce (the "Partner")

Although we have similar missions - to support and promote British companies - we provide different, complementary services. The Partner has full, direct control of any Virtual Exhibition we build together.

  • The Virtual Exhibition would be built using a domain owned by the Partner.
  • Any invoicing to their Members would be issued by the Partner.
  • The Partner would have full content control over the Virtual Exhibition.

What does TTS bring to the table?

The main services we bring:

  • We can create your own Entrance Lobby* - to be hosted either on our or your servers.
  • We can provide the Conference Platform.
  • We can offer your clients their own Virtual Stands.
  • We can provide information resources to enrich the services offered in the Entrance Lobby.
  • We can assist with marketing (for example, we have access to the Kompass database of over 53 million companies in 70 countries).

*See below an example of an Entrance Lobby (which can of course be tailored to your requirements). This can be permanent or temporary as you require:


If you think this service could be of interest to you, just contact us at the helpdesk and we'll be in touch.