Adapting to the opportunities and challenges of eCommerce is not just a good idea - it's a matter of corporate survival.

First Steps in eCommerce and International Trade

In this Section, we set out the main issues you should consider when developing your online activities.

You will see that using the tools and processes for eCommerce can make the differences between domestic and international trade really small. In fact, in some areas, it is impossible to differentiate between the two (e.g. online advertising and marketing). Therefore, we decided to add a few introductory sections to cover how to prepare and benefit from international trade.

Digital ToolKits

For companies beginning their journey into the wider digital economy (domestically as well as internationally), we have partnered with Kompass, ILC and Strawman to offer a range of Digital ToolKit packages. These Digital ToolKits offer comprehensive coverage of the resources you need to make the most of the opportunities in the Digital Economy - at discounted prices. Interested? To find out more, just click here.

The Essential Guide to B2B eCommerce

In addition to the points covered in this Section, you may also like to download the free copy of TradeTech Solutions' "Essential Guide to B2B eCommerce 2nd edition".