Use these resources to find and assess new UK Suppliers:

  1. Companies listed in The Exhibition Hall.
  2. Kompass Bespoke List Service
  3. Kompass EasyBusiness.
  4. First Report's Credit Report Service.

Kompass Direct Bespoke List Service uses the same online interface as the free service, use the search criteria to create your own tailored target list for downloading. Prices on request - but mention that you saw this service here to be given a 10% discount. (*The price for the file containing your target list is shown before you buy.)


*N.B. If you just need a list of a few hundred companies, this is an economic alternative to EasyBusiness. However, if you need heavier access to the Kompass database, then you should consider subscribing to EasyBusiness.

Kompass EasyBusiness

The global B2B Kompass EasyBusiness database will help you find the right supplier leads.

  1. Access a database of:
  • more than 400,000 UK companies.
  • 350,000+ contacts with customised prospect alerts.
  1. Segment your searches using 60 search criteria.
  2. Flexible 24/7 online and mobile app data access.
  3. Create and export personalised sales and marketing data lists including company & contact details.
  4. Keeping you up to date with personalised update alerts.
  5. Stay up to date with personalised information update alerts.
  6. Focus on the right contacts.

Smart data will help you find new business contacts as well as develop your business in new markets. Sales Accelerator, Kompass' EasyBusiness add-on, integrates live Big Data from 200k media sources (web, social, networks, blogs). This not only gives you access to thousands of contacts, but you can also setup customised news and job alerts to help you keep track of your leads.


*The Kompass database does not include the smallest SMEs with less than 10 employees.

See the videos:


UK, Europe, Worldwide or bespoke country packs available – prices start from just £1,495 plus vat for a full 12 months access. (Mention that you the service here and you will be given a 10% discount.)

Before deciding whether to rely on a new supplier, it is advisable to take out a Credit Report. (Even better by taking out a Credit Report and then flagging the company for a free Monitor Alert, you constantly monitor the creditworthiness of your UK supplier base. At the prices indicated below, why wouldn't you?).

First Report - Check Any Business Instantly

  1. Search the company here to check a company.
  2. Select from the report choices offered (links to sample reports are offered to help you decide).
  3. Pay by credit/debit card or PayPal - or, if you prefer, you can request a pro-forma invoice to make a bank transfer.


UK Credit Report Types

First Report provides 3 Levels of UK Reports:

(To see the differences between the Reports, click on the above links.)

All UK Credit Reports are delivered online.

First Report's Credit Scores and Credit Reports.

At the heart of the Credit Reports are the (i) Maximum Level of Credit Recommendation and (ii) Risk Score, which provide you with an overview of the level of financial risk involved in working with the subject company. The Credit Report details all financial information necessary to decide whether to do business with the company. On the credit report, there will be a section showing comparisons of financials and the percentage of any change up or down.

UK Credit Scores

The scores are currently banded as follows:

  • Score 71-100       Very low risk
  • Score 51-70         Low risk
  • Score 30-50        Moderate risk
  • Score 21- 29        High risk
  • Score 2-20          Maximum Risk
  • Score = 1             Intention to Dissolve / Winding-up Petition
  • Score = 0             Failed Company

Any score below 30 automatically is awarded a ZERO credit score.

Once the Commercial Credit score has been established a Credit Rating and Credit Limit is then assigned. The Maximum Credit Rating and Credit Limit that we will assign to any limited business is £10 million. For a non-limited business the Maximum Limit is £100,000.

N.B. Both limits are calculated guidelines for trade credit. What is more important is for credit controllers to set credit limits that are appropriate for their circumstances and which they are comfortable with. The Credit Reports, Credit Limits and Risk Scores are there simply to provide context.

*A UK credit risk score is determined using numerical ratings. However, sometimes no score is available which could mean the business has stopped trading, hasn’t filed any accounts, has accounts that are too old or are simply too new and in these cases there isn’t enough information to be able to calculate a score.

Monitor Alerts

Once you have bought a Credit Report you will also receive - at no extra cost - Monitor Alerts by email for that company. (N.B. You must indicate in your dashboard that you want to receive Alerts for the company in question.) The headline reasons for a Monitor Alert being instigated:

  • Change of Credit Rating.
  • Change of Risk Guide.
  • Accounts overdue for Filing.
  • Petition for Winding Up.
  • Meeting of Creditors.
  • Appointment of Liquidator.
  • Resolution for Winding Up.
  • Change of Company Status.
  • Appointment of Receiver/Administrative Receiver.
  • Notification of County Court Judgment.
  • Annual Return Filed.
  • Accounts Filed.
  • Dismissal of Petition for Winding Up.
  • Change of Registered Address.
  • Change among Directors.
  • Winding up order.

UK Price Tariffs


First Report pricing is based on the concept of Credits and the more Credits you buy the cheaper they are e.g.

  • 1 Credit £19.95
  • 2 Credits at £12.25 total £24.50
  • 3 Credits at £11.50 total £34.50

Credit Reports are priced in "Credits" - the lowest cost being 1 Credit for a UK Basic Credit Report.


An alternative to buying single Credits is to buy a licence. There are no catches and no automatic renewal. There are different licencing levels e.g.

  • 12 Months Access. Total £149.00. This base Licence covers up to 25 Reports p.a. (less than £6.00 per Report).
  • 12 Months Access. Total £299.00. Licence covers up to 500 Reports p.a. (less than 60p per Report).
  • 12 Months Access. Total £399.00. Licence covers up to 1,000 Reports p.a. (less than 40p per Report).

If you wish to change to a discount package after opening an account, the cost of any UK Report Credits purchased when opening an account can be refunded against the price of your package (so that any Credits you purchase now will essentially be free).

All prices are net of VAT.

All UK Report Credits also include First Report's free debt recovery service. You can select from a choice of debt recovery letters which start with polite but clear requests for payment, through to a Notice of Proceedings. Clients report over 80% of amounts due are settled within 14 days.

For further details and explanations covering the details behind the Credit Report analyses and Credit Score calculations see First Report's FAQs. - If you would like to discuss anything with First Report by telephone then you can call FreePhone 0800 716998 or +44 (0)344 414 4014 Monday to Friday during UK Business Hours - or visit First Report and chat online (again during UK business hours).